Monday, December 13, 2010

The Beginning

I guess you could consider this the beginning.  I've been sitting looking at a blank screen for about 45 minutes trying to figure out what this will turn out to be.  I think at the beginning of anything like this, a journal, or diary, you eventually begin to think about two or three years into the future, and what the full body of work, if you could call it that, will end up being. 

For a while, I wanted this to be a sort of grail diary, jotting down ideas and sort of serializing things i've found out.  it's not a very interesting read, is it?

Then, i thought about having one of those, "things i want to do with my unborn child" blogs.  my wife's due in about three weeks, so that doesn't exactly have that "lasting" possibility.

I guess at the end i sort of realized that it's probably better just to let it become whatever it will become simply through time, and don't over-think it.

So here's to not overthinking things...

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