What is this place?

This blog will:
  •  provide entertainment through humorous and sometimes over-exaggerated but mostly non-fictional storytelling
  • Allow for periodic insights into:
    • how eastern European immigrants handle/view American culture
    • the difficulties/benefits of raising a bilingual child
    • discussions about the Arts, and the larger category of Culture in general
  • Serve as a Journal of sorts with the following stipulation
    • this blog will try to minimize, as much as humanly possible, the ratio of crap to good content in an effort to not bore about stories that start with "So, Today, I...".  
    • Efforts to replicate this in other blogs will be greatly appreciated by all
    • Thus, only relevant and interesting information that allows for a pithy and pointed perception on society as a whole will be recounted here
This blog will NOT:
  • guarantee awesomeness outright, though it IS a pretty safe bet
  • be published daily (on a regular basis).  Unfortunately, those that promise to be sometimes border on triviality more often than not
  • disappoint.
  • be able to be labeled as a "Daddy", "language", "culture", "craft", "movie" blog, or any other label that has been manifested.  This is simply an "Awesome" Blog
  • Get "Jiggy" with it.  I did that once, and I regretted it for like a week afterward.
  • pay 100% attention to punctuation.  Grammar and Spelling is one thing, but I absolutely hate capitalizing while typing, and one or two capitalization errors will be made.