Contact Me!

I love getting email, tweets, comments, and any other form of attention you can come up with.  Here are the two best and greatest ways of contacting me.

E-mail -

Twitter: @smellsofborscht

If you're interested in guest posting, contact me through one of the above venues, as I absolutely love guest posting, both on your blog, and having you on mine.

I will respond to just about every kind of question you have, will perform just about any kind of service (although I'd have to learn how to juggle if you'd like me to work your kids birthday party), and will at the very least consider doing an over the top and exaggerated advertisement for just about any product you'd like me to hock. Provided it's an awesome product.  Like a car, or an even super-er and awesome-er hatchet, or those cool shoes with the wheel in the back of them. And also that I get the product for free to keep test so that I better understand how your product works. 

In addition, and more seriously, I greatly enjoy (and am quite adept at) editing.  And with the combined powers of me and my wife, Captain Translate-from-Russian-to-English is born.  No, really, we've translated a few textbooks before.  It was pretty awesome, but also boring, cause, well - they were textbooks about agriculture.  And, well - agriculture's kind of boring.  But it still came out well.  So if you'd like us to translate something, shoot us an e-mail at the above address.  Just make sure it's something borderline exciting.  For example, we just translated this document that a person used to get refugee status in the states, and there were a bunch of really juicy and slightly depressing details in there that made it rather exciting to read. 

Also, if you'd just like to blabber or argue aimlessly, I love new friends and differing viewpoints as long as the discussions follow these simple guidelines.

I look forward to your emails/tweets of adulation!