Who are you?

I consider myself to be pretty funny.  Actually, hilarious.  I laugh out loud at my own jokes.  My wife, however, doesn't agree. That's because she grew up in post-soviet Russia, and to them, not much is funny.  They're too cold.

When my utter hilarity and her cute quirkiness collide, the result is the content of this blog: the adventures of a Russian/American married couple and their brand new addition to the family, little Samuel. 

When not blogging, I am busy with my MBA, changing diapers, busting my rear at my 9-5, and landscaping our yard.  And somehow, my wife and I will still carve out some time in the day to spoon.  Depending on my mood, though, I sometimes prefer to be the big spoon and sometimes the little spoon.

I grew up moving around the country as the son of a military man who also liked to subject his children to long walks in the hot sun with no water and 100 pound packs.  I also quickly grew into a science geek, especially after having a nervous breakdown when my teacher assigned me with describing what the color "red" tasted like.

Look, lady - it's a color.  I think you're messing up your senses.

I never really liked the vagueness of the literature world, instead preferring the hard facts of science.  That was until I realized that once you get above the basics, there was more vagueness in science than in writing.  So here I am, back in the saddle again, trying to forever define the color red in terms of its taste.  And perhaps be a little silly here and there as well.

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