Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We're off the hook!

I’m girly girl. I love shoes and makeup and fixing my hair. 

Whoa, whoa, whoa - oops, I didn't mean to say that.  There was a slight mix up due to my being overly exhausted.  It just so happens that that's the first line of my spectacular guest poster today, Amanda @ It's Blogworthy.  I...uh...am not a fan of makeup.  I swear - it was just that one time for Halloween.

Moving on...Amanda is a spectacular girl with a spectacular family and a love for her kid like no other.  And on top of that, she's funny, and clever and, above all else, endearing.  I think after reading this, you'll know what I mean.  And on top of all that, this post is probably one of my favorites ever created by anyone. Read on, and you'll see.

I’m girly girl. I love shoes and makeup and fixing my hair. 

I don’t like sports or getting dirty. I hate to sweat. My favorite color is pink. I spend my weekends watching the likes of Project Runway and Toddlers and Tiaras.

So you’d think, based on all those facts, that I would have longed for a little girl to dress in the fluffiest pink skirts, bald head adorned with a flower bigger than her face.

And you’d be wrong.

Of course we did the thing where we said “Oh, we don’t care if we have a boy or a girl. Just as long as he/she is healthy.” That was totally true, too. I would have loved a little girl and yes, any daughter of mine would have had a whole mess of ginormous hairbows. Deep down inside, both of us walked into the ultrasound room over a year ago with an unspoken desire to have a son.

We walked out of the office that day with a print out of our son’s junk, an arrow artfully pointed to it with a caption that read “BOY!!!!” (as if it wasn’t obvious) with a spring in our step. At our celebratory dinner that night, we listed all the things we wouldn’t have to worry about now that we knew we’d be having a boy: no evenings chaperoning a boyband concert; no periods to explain; not prom dresses to buy. Weddings? WE’RE OFF THE HOOK! *HIGH FIVE*

Little girls? They are great. But I was a teenage girl. My husband teaches teenage girls. Teenage girls aren’t fun. So, ok, we’d have years before we dealt with teenage hormones, but before then? Listen, I read your people’s blogs. You, there --  with the daughter who at 3 years old has already sassed you more TODAY than I have sassed anyone for six months – I’m sure that’s cute for like four days.

Ok, ok. I know I’m stereotyping greatly here, but the fact of the matter is, my husband hates being bored. Having a little boy to teach the important things in life – like basketball and eating steak and whatever else is important to men – was and is really appealing to him. He’ll have a buddy. And I’m looking forward to the day when we can all go to the beach and my husband and son can play catch or make sandcastles and leave me alone to soak in the sun and read a book for crying out loud.

I’m also secretly hoping to have a sweet little mama’s boy who likes to treat his Mom like a Queen.

They say, "Know your Audience" and she was spot on when she wrote this post.  I think I mention nerf gun fights at least once a week on this blog, and there won't be any nerf fighting with a daughter.  Unless  I'm misunderstanding what a daughter is. But I don't think I am. 


  1. When I was pregnant with kid #1, I wanted a girl. It was a boy. A few years later, when I was knocked up again.. I wanted a girl.. Again, I had a boy. Years later of being a mom to boys & several flashbacks of EXACTLY what I was like as a teenage girl, I decided that I did not EVER want to have a little girl. God must have thought that amusing because the third time around? I got a girl. And not just any girl? One that acts just.like.me.
    Please pray for her teenage years.

  2. Oh books and sitting, how I miss you.

  3. @Alison - I knew you'd appreciate it! Mamas of boys, unite!

    @Natalie - EXACTLY. I remember how sullen and annoying I was when I was a teen. I mean, I know boys have their moments, too, but girls are DRAMATIC. I'll be praying for your sanity.

    @KLZ - right?!? I just want to read more than 20 pages of a book at a time...that's all I ask.

    Bill, thanks so much for hosting me!!

  4. I have one of each. I am so terrified of the tween/teen years with my daughter. She has many of my personalities traits, and I was NOT an easy young adult to parent. Secretly, I know this thrills my mother.

  5. I like it. I am a tomboy and my son likes pink.

  6. @Angela, at least since she has your personality traits, you can maybe see where she's coming from? Wait, I'm not sure that will make it any better.

    @stasha Now, that's a combo I didn't anticipate. My luck will be having a son who likes to read and lay around on the beach as much as I do, and someone will still have to entertain his dad ;)

  7. We opted to not find out the gender of either of our two babies when I was pregnant.

    After I had my son, I walked around thinking this:
    "I have a son! All these ladies with baby girls are soooo jealous of my son. I made a penis. So cool. I am the best! I can't believe I ever thought I just wanted a healthy kid. Obviously I wanted a boy. EVERYONE wants a boy!"

    Then I had my daughter. And I walked around thinking this:

    "I have a girl! All these ladies with baby boys are soooo jealous of my son. I made a vagina. So cool. I am the best! I can't believe I ever thought I just wanted a healthy kid. Obviously I wanted a girl. EVERYONE wants a girl!"

    I'm not proud of this totally ridiculous, egocentric, illogical thought-process. It's not possible for everyone to want a boy but then everyone to also want a girl.

    It is, however, the truth of what went on in my head. Hormones are crazy. And I think I would have talked myself into believing I wanted what I had.

    I guess I'll never know though. Because I got exactly what I wanted. Right? ;-)

  8. I wanted a boy. I am grateful every day for a little girl. But talk to me when she is 13. Or 11. This teenage bullshit starts earlier every day, right?

  9. I really thought we were having a boy, but was really happy that we have a girl--as high maintenance as she already is! I can't imagine it any other way. But yes, I am dreading the teenage years!

  10. I love my boys, but I think it's my Bratty Natty that earns me my Mommy Badges. She's quite the sassy little thing. I know that the teenage years are going to be a nightmare. I see it already, but you know what they say about boys going with their wife and daughters being a friend for life...or something like that. I'm so glad I have both.

  11. Oh Amanda, this made me appreciate being a mom of 3 boys!!

  12. I LOVE THIS!!

    With our first pregnancy we didn't care because we knew we would be having more children. When our second son arrived we were thrilled! No shopping for new clothes or toys! Score! And by the time we were pregnant with our third child I was hoping for a boy because by that time, I truly didn't know what I would have done with a girl.

    You are so right! Mamas of boys..UNITE!

  13. Love! I was the opposite and always wanted a girl, which I now have, but damn they are dramatic! You forget how dramatic little girls are and instead think of tutus and bows. So glad I have one of each though.

  14. I was divided on whether I wanted a boy or girl - I could see the benefits (and detriments) of each. I think in my heart, though, I always knew Lil' Bit was a girl. And even before that was confirmed, I worried about all the same things you mentioned here - the sass, the attitude, the teenage years, the dating. I still do, in fact. But I can honestly say that, at this point, I in no way regret not having a boy. Nor could I imagine not having a girl.

    A girl who, for the record, refuses to wear hair bows, constantly has dirt under her fingernails, and will only watch ESPN on television (much to her father's delight). ;)

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