Thursday, October 27, 2011

From Memory to Poop - Disjointed Post Party

I have a horrid memory.  That's why I just wrote this post, and then almost as soon as I wrote it, I forgot that I did.  And now I feel guilty that I haven't stuck with it in any way at all.  Also, last night, my wife asked me to go make tea and defrost something for dinner.  I went into the kitchen, made tea, and started thinking about something (I don't remember what it was, but it was likely something along the lines of optimal lip angles for tea cups both for drinking and for transporting tea from one room to another, and the difficulties of incorporating personal preference into that measurement).  Then I forgot what I was doing, only to be reminded by the ding of the teapot that I needed to bring my wife tea.  Then, she freaked out that I didn't defrost anything.

And by "freaked out", I mean, "made a tsk-ing sound" once or twice.

It's gotten so bad recently that I've resorted to keeping my own honeydew list (so named because cantaloupes get too much goddamn attention already) which as of this moment has 21 things I need to do ranging from register my wife to vote (I'm stalling because she's a republican) to selling out of my trading positions to buying chap stick (because it's that time of year when everyone's lips get leprosy and I refuse to use Vaseline).

It's actually  vastly increasing my productivity.  Whereas before, if I had any extra time to be doing anything, i'd just sit around and play risk, I'm actually takin' care of business.

I'm not entirely sure where I meant this post to go, mostly because I spent a great deal of time seriously considering how to optimize tea cups.  Seriously.  I even did a couple Google searches in the middle of the post.

But I DO want to say that Sammy is 9 months today!  Gotta go to the doctor's tonight to ask all the important questions regarding pooping and peeing.

on a related note, I wonder how many times a pediatrician either says or uses a euphemism for poop in one day.  Probably a billion.


  1. The line that made me pause and laugh? "I've resorted to keeping my own honeydew list (so named because cantaloupes get too much goddamn attention already)."

    I read your blog because I freakin love random stuff that comes out of nowhere. Cantaloupes get too much goddamn attention... dang, that's funny.

  2. I'm sorry for your brain loss. But, it's giving you some excellent fodder, so keep going!

    Also, you can probably cross off the registering to vote thing. You konw, to make it easier on you.

  3. I hate the "need to use chapstick" time of year. So, I wait, and then I get serious liprosy and have to use medicated stuff that hurts like crazy.

    My brain is, actually, mush. Nothing more than just, plain mush lately. For whatever reason, I'm pretty sure zombies would just pass right by me.

  4. On Monday, I wrote a post called "Spelling It Out For Men". I wish I had read this post first. It really gives e more reason to think that I was right in the first place. There is a "glitch" in men's thinking.


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