Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Writing This Just Made Me Feel Better

I tend to not handle stress very well. 

It's 9 in the morning, and already I can give you three examples.
  1. I was running late this morning because it was raining, and I know Philly traffic turns to chilled molasses in the rain.  Sammy woke up and needed to be fed at EXACTLY the wrong minute.  My wife also demanded that I make her lunch, wash her nursing pump materials, make her tea, pack for school tonight, win a game of chess on the hardest setting on the computer, design a bridge that can automatically add a temporary lane in construction or accident situations, and recite the alphabet backwards in Aramaic in 10 MINUTES.
  2. Because it was raining, I was late to work during earnings season, which is pretty much the only time when there is a tremendous amount of work.  Thus, I had to drive in heavy traffic and work on my blackberry at the same time.  And due to my amazing driving skills (which we've already covered) I was half Fast and Furious half Pursuit of Happiness.  That's right, I also solved a Rubik's Cube.
  3. When I finally GOT to work, I had piled up a mountain of stuff that needed to be done 300 minutes ago. And when I sat down and turned on my computer, the systems crashed.  Just then, someone came in my office saying that things needed to be done 300 minutes ago and I SCREAMED at her.  Although, it was mostly directed towards the systems being down, so I sort of like to think that I screamed WITH her rather than AT her.  
And now that I've had my coffee and my two big-ass bagels with the cream cheese of awesomeness lathered on top, I feel much better. 

That's all I really wanted to say.  Just in case there was a poor starving Ethiopian reading this blog, and he was just curious about how difficult it was for me to make lunch, then drive in my comfortable car to my comfortable place of business where I sit behind a desk and there's no physical labor involved in the job what-so-ever, all while I stuff myself with delicious bagels. 


  1. You have nothing to worry about...Ethiopians don't have access to computers so they won't feel bad by reading this ;)

    I hear ya..first world thing can ruin your morning!

  2. You should become unemployed. You will have TOTALLY LEGITIMATE complaints.

    On the other hand, reading this made me even more stressed out. So I'm glad it helped.

  3. Screaming at people because of technology - yes - this is a problem of mine too. Ugh.

  4. Mmmmmmmm, bagels.

    Rain adds, at least, 15 minutes to my commute - even more when my kids demand that I sing the baritone arias from Tosca, ignoring the fact that I'm a bass.

  5. Ha... in our house we do say "this is such a first world problem", so I love the ending of your post to put it in prospective! This however also describes my morning yesterday.... and probably the day before (minus the computer crash)

  6. I bet that was a weight off your chest! I'm totally sure she knew you were yelling WITH her.

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  8. This was great. Love the end. You made me laugh. :-)


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