Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One month in

So, Sammy, the recently-born member of my family, just passed his 1 month "birthday".  There was no celebration, but I think my wife and I both sighed a bit to realize that we're doing something right, because he's still somehow alive.

However, there were some interesting highlights of the past month.  Most notable was the increasing amount of goo flowing out of every one of our son's holes.  It's like he's got a sphincter problem of the mouth.  And when it comes out, it's half digested, warm milk mixed with stomach acid and bile, which i don't think could smell any worse.  i was actually more worried smell-wise about the southern hemisphere than the northern, but this was a new discovery, i think, for all of us.

especially because when he spits up, he looks around like, "whoa...WTF was that..." all wide eyed.  the great part about it is though, that he also sports a blue steel face at the same time.  sort of a mix between


Then he proceeds to fall fast asleep despite the smell.  and i feel like saying to him, "look, I'm not sure if you're aware, but you smell like a soup of both ass and puke put on a rolling boil" but I know he won't listen.  He's too stubborn. 

He's also got this delightful way of "discovering" that he's smiling.  There won't be much going on, and he's just sort of sitting there looking around, searching for...something to throw up on (?) and right away there will be this facial contortion that somehow falls upon an almost random series of muscle contractions resulting almost certainly without intent in a smile.

And it's the most glorious thing you've ever seen.  Having your son smile at you is probably the best feeling you could ever have, because you know that you're able to bestow happiness on someone that has been so unresponsive to your attempts at entertaining, calming, or even just keeping awake.  Those very, very few smiles he manages are worth every second.


He realized he did something out of the ordinary, because everyone around him erupts in outrageous laughter and glee, and he's uncomfortable with everyone's happiness and descends into a fit of crying until his wail-hole is plugged by a pacifier.

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