Friday, August 5, 2011

Learning things? Awww, man! *pouts*

Ah, boy, it's been a whole week, and sadly, #SummerBlogSocial is coming to a close.

So in the past four days, from reading everyone else's posts, and comments on this here blog, I've come to the conclusion that today's post will encapsulate all the things I learned during my time at Summer Blog Social.

It is not some grand revelation that I want to blog full time. Everyone wants to blog full time.  Ok, maybe not everyone, but if you were to give someone the option to sit around all day drinking lattes, cocktails, and aperitifs while tweeting all day long vs. going to a 9-5, most people wouldn't think twice about it.  So, I shouldn't think it's some amazingly unique plan or desire to be a full time blogger.   The "duh" factor on this one is pretty high.  At LEAST a nine or a ten.

Twitter is like being bitten by a radioactive spider.  You know that line, "with great awesomeness comes great responsibility" or whatever it was from the spiderman movie.  You can either use it to be an amazingly engaged person whom everyone wants to be friends with because they are just about as cool as humanly possible.  Or you can...well, not.  People also have amazingly complicated formulae regarding tweets to retweets ratios, tweets to links ratios, and overall self-promotion ratios.  I'm actually very surprised that such a very literary world incorporates math so readily into their daily lives.

While most people have their emails linked so that when they comment, their reply addresses are listed, some do not, and it is absolutely needs to be remedied.  When you comment on one of my posts, I absolutely love being able to email you back with a witty and sometimes (read:never) insightful response that will almost certainly (read: definitely not) fulfill and enrich your life.  But if the response is "" it may as well be "iactuallydontlikecommunicatingwithyou@stoptalkingtome.please".  And I get sad.  No, I really do, there's usually tears and everything because a potential connection could have been made, but now, i'm just left staring at some words that are analogous to graffiti.

And probably the last important thing that I learned is that no matter how much apprehension you feel, or insecure you are, or how marginally you are awake or conscious, talking to people on twitter and leaving comments is always, always, always appreciated.  I guess I knew this one as well, but after this week, it was definitely solidified in my brain.

So, I wanted to thank both Liz and Jessica for coming up with such a great link up idea, and for all the people who are new followers and whom I am now following as well.  It's been a great time this week.

But honestly?  I can't wait to stop being serious and get back to being a sarcastic and silly goofball.  I've got some great stories from my recent trip to the beach.


  1. So fun this learning about blogging thing. Who knew it was such a big complicated world? I just wanted to write stuff when I started!

    I hope you have pictures (read: of Sammy) from your beach vacation.

  2. I have to say... my dumb work computer doesn't let me log onto my google account to comment. I can posts blogs, mind you... but I can't comment on others' blogs from my account. Hence why I use the "url link" option (so you know it's me) and why I don't comment on blogs that don't offer that option.

    But it means I'm missing all of those insightful replies, which makes me VERY sad.

  3. StopTalkingToMe.Please? And tears? I SO get why you are friends with KLZ.

    Thanks for joining in this week! It was a great week.

  4. Great tings you learned! I've learned a bunch too. And met some great people in the process (present company included). :)

  5. I'm really, really liking your blog! It's got me hooked, and what a great take on the summer blog social! I can't wait to see what you come up with for your Food list tomorrow :)


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