Friday, August 26, 2011

Thank God This Whole "Summer" Thing is Over

You know what's great?  Mac 'n Cheese.  Kung Fu Movies.  Raises that are above 5%.   Don't get me started on pirates and ninjas.  Also: thinking you woke up at 6AM on a Thursday only to realize it's 4AM on a Friday and you can get 2 more hours of sleep.

But you know what else is awesome?  Fall.  It's definitely in the final four of the NCAA for Seasons.  There's something like that right?  I don't know sports.

Regardless. If you've never experienced a fall, you've gotta get in on it, because Fall is tremendously amazing for all of the following reasons.

  • It is not elevinty billion degrees outside and you do not have to constantly sweat while doing things like sitting around wishing it wasn't summertime.  This is the main benefit to the fall.
In addition to the multitude of reasons listed above, you've also gotta consider the other, less important aspects of the hay-ride to Christmas that is Autumn.  Namely: Hay rides, leaf piles, orange and brown house decorations, and my beautiful country's wondrous decision to write into the constitution the celebration of the Turkey.  It is my constitutional right to have a near death experience once a year from turkey-overdose.  

But on a less ridiculous note, I've gotta refute a little bit the arguments that some people have made that tend to paint Fall as the harbinger of all things cold and awful.  There is something magical about walking through the park, shuffling through the dead leaves with your feet, with your wife's hand in yours while watching the remaining leaves on the trees submit to the inevitable arson that is Autumn.  

In addition, Autumn is the official start of Banya season.  More on this later.

Also, not to sound weird or anything, but I happen to know that I look pretty damn good in fall clothes.  

So there you have it - why I'm super excited about the coming fall.  I'm linking this post up with Mama Insomnia who absolutely loves the fall.  And you can too!  Just click the button below for more discussions about how incredibly awesome the fall is.

Mama Insomnia


  1. Thanksgiving is singlehandly the best holiday ever.This post is great, and I can't wait to hear about Banya Season. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Haha, this post is hilarious! Final four of seasons - fantastic! Thanks for the laugh

  3. "I happen to know that I look pretty damn good in fall clothes." <--- hahahaha

  4. I want to know your definition of 'fall clothes'. You are of the male species after all, so I'm suspicious. Slightly.

  5. Yep, you make fall sound pretty awesome.


    Not falling, mind you. I can fall any time of year.

    The season is what I love. Pumpkin ANYTHING, sweaters, football, cozy food. Amen.

  7. yeah.. but for me is because i hate sun.. i prefer cold weather and strong wind, thanks for share and i hope you can fix your situation.


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