Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Genetic Trait linked to the Y chromosome

Log it into your calendars, people.  First video ever on Smells like Borscht!  Newsworthy on the level of the Royal Wedding, the Beatification of John Paul the Second, and the Death of Osama bin Laden!

To fully enjoy the experience, please make popcorn.  Also, send money.  These two actions will ensure the greatest enjoyment possible.


  1. Its not just Y - my little girl has a tiny snore too. ;) And my granny, but certainly not ME!

  2. ha! Great video. And my little guy snores just like his Daddy :)

  3. Okay - if we completely set aside the future marital conflicts to which Sam may be subjected based on his genetic predisposition toward snoring?

    That. is. adorable.

    But I didn't make popcorn this time. So you have to do more of these.

    Now I know.

  4. Let it be noted the genetic trade of the X chromosome is your lovely wife ignoring the snoring.


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