Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Scurvy Dogs!

I was amazed.  Dumbfounded!  Awe-struck, even!  The pirate ship that I was so excited about riding was actually mostly for kids.  Yargh!

These little shmeckies that were between the ages of four and ten got to have all the pirate-y fun, singing pirate songs, getting pirate treasure, and shooting Mad Dog Mike with the water cannons mounted on the sides of the ship.  It was EXACTLY as I had hoped it would be...only totally inappropriate for me to participate.  None of the other "adults" were joining in swabbing the deck, or playing "pass the pirate skull".  Stupid parents.

I'm not being paid, or even spoken to, by the pirates that were on the ship, but if you ever get a chance, it was actually a really good time.  Here's the link: Urban Pirates

Also, apparently rule #1 of the pirate code is not to swing on the riggings.  Not cool, pirate code.  

WTF, society?  What makes it all taboo and crap for a 26 year old to sing and dance along with (and spray water in the face of) elementary school kids?

Society, you're on notice!

The nice part about it was that my nephew got to have a really nice time.  Oh, who am I kidding.  I was totally jealous.

I guess I just can't wait until Sammy is old enough that I can force him to go on these sorts of things so I can use him as an excuse to enjoy all these cool things they have for kids these days.  Just off hand, here is a short list of things I've already got in the back of my mind to use Sammy to get into:

  • Local Kickball games.  I'll be the designated pitcher! Just let me play, guys!
  • Those gigantic blow up bouncy gyms that everyone seems to have at their birthday parties.  The only rule I've ever seen was to not wear shoes...so I guess I'm golden!
  • Face Painting at carnivals.  You never see adults with their faces painted.  I'm thinking of starting an adult-world fashion trend.
  • Sesame place has these really awesome water playgrounds that Sammy and I can run around and play in.  It's like a jungle gym at the park, but only submerged like a foot and a half in the water. Best idea EVER.
  • I'm sure I can leverage Sammy for candy and chocolate SOMEhow.
Just...don't tell him my plans.  I'd hate for him to one day figure out why we're REALLY at Six Flags three times a week.


  1. Yeah I'm all about the candy! We already did this for Easter and I'm still feasting. I saw on FB that this college friend of mine bought his son a miniature blow up bounce house for their backyard -- so apparently that's a thing now.

  2. The candy, Easter, Halloween, Children's Day, Chanukah, Christmas, various school functions. Oh yes, my husband loves having kids for reasons like this.

    Too bad we weren't at the ship too. My husband would have played pirate too.


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