Monday, June 6, 2011

Gulag-Vlog #1

Against my better judgment, here is my first vlog ever.  

I should have taken Jessica at My Time As A Mom's advice and had a couple stiff shots before I did this.  But then you never know, no one would have understood anything I was saying.

So without further ado:


So...I looked up "virulent".  This is what Webster says.
1: a : marked by a rapid, severe, and destructive course <a virulent infection> b : able to overcome bodily defensive mechanisms : markedly pathogenic <virulent bacteria> 
2: extremely poisonous or venomous
3: full of malice : malignant <virulent racists>
Nicely done, bill, nicely done.  Note to self: refrain from engaging in "the act" with this guy.  Might get rabies.

I think I meant something along the lines of prowess.  But after close to 20 takes, I was honestly kind of annoyed and didn't want to redo it another time.  Sorry guys, I've got perfectionist qualities, but only to a point.  Then laziness takes over.  And with laziness come malapropisms.

Speaking of malapropisms, it reminds me of one time when I went to a country club with KLZ from Taming Insanity.  It was a super-swanky country club, and when I came in and saw how beautiful everything was, I said something about how the place was the utter definition of ostentatious, thinking it was a nice thing to say.  But she and her husband are super sweet, and probably chalked it up to my being an idiot.

What I meant to say was "opulent".  This is why I do much better in writing than in speech.

Next time, I'll get drunk - just to see if there's a difference in how well I do in front of the web-cam. You know, as a scientific experiment, or something.



  1. For a first vlog, you were excellent. Really. I laughed out loud a couple of times. Once at the 2-handed finger pointing move, the other time when you said virulent.

    And that's a rather sweet story :)

  2. This was hilarious. You are so right, one finger would just look weird. Good thing you were proud of your smoking skills and had the courage to talk to that hot lady.

    Good job on your first vlog!

  3. you and your magic fingers...who wouldn't fall for that?

  4. Are you a stand-up comedian? I can NOT believe you did that in one take. I edited the crap out of mine. I even switched rooms. Well done.

  5. Ok, this was super funny. The finger thing. That's hilarious...I had a friend who did that to everyone..I mean you basically described my Master's program. Great first vlog!

  6. Ahaha! Great story! And funny how you saw the timer up.

  7. This is so great and funny and sweet. I want my husband to vlog. Husbands of bloggers everywhere are not going to be happy that you did this and set the bar so high. Great job!

  8. More vlogs!

    (I say that as someone who is on the fence about the vlogging phenomenon. But this, I like.)

    PS I used parantheses so Kate, Elena and Jessica can't read that part of the comment and be offended by me. I like them a whole lot and don't want to smack down their meme.

  9. HILARIOUS! Smoking cigarettes?! Cracked me up!

    Tell KLZ that I'm totally offended! :)

  10. HAHAHA! You are funny! If you finger thing didn't work, your jokes would have :) Great job!

  11. I have never heard that word either. Had you not given a definition, I so would've gone to google it. Glad you talked to the hottie!

  12. This was great! I agree, one finger would have been weird!

  13. OMG this was hilarious! Loved all of the definitions, too! *Love* & No drunken-ness necessary! :)

  14. Man are so organized, timer and all. Keep vlogging Bill. I remember the first video you posted, Irina was born to be in front of camera. She is next.

  15. I'm not ready to watch the awesomeness of this yet (mainly because it's blocked), but I will be tonight with some alcohol.

  16. Great First Vlog!

    LOL! Loved the story. Very memorable for both y'all I'm sure.

  17. OMG! Seriously, are you my husband's twin or something?


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