Monday, June 13, 2011

She's Gone...

I've been trying to figure out a way to relay this information in a funny and clever way, but every time I put something down, it just turns into a whining session.  So let's just leave it as it is.  Commence whining.

Our babysitter's leaving us.
Exactly at the worst possible time, because we were increasing her hours because there's a chance my wife needs to go back into the office daily (she was working from home since Sammy was born).

Granted, we were paying her slightly above slavery rates, but Sammy is an IDEAL child - with almost no crying, and he's immediately and easily consolable and he sleeps about as much as a narcoleptic cat.  And, when we offered to match and exceed whatever job she was leaving us for, she said that it wasn't about the money.

And now, oh man.  The candidates we're getting are characters.  They ALL want top dollar, but most are about as fit to take care of a four month old as a quadriplegic pedophile with tourettes.  One of them came in and insisted that we're not treating our son well because he's not eating yogurt and soups yet.  And if we were to hire her, she'd cook him all the soups he could possibly want.  I can't possibly imagine justifying paying these people so much money; it's almost enough money to make me seriously think about quitting my job.  Or training a chimpanzee.  At least with the chimp, I'd have someone to party with.

But, we wouldn't be in such a jam if the outgoing babysitter didn't instantly develop schizophrenia when she told us she was leaving.  She immediately pretended like it was OUR fault that she was leaving.  We tried to be polite and cordial, but this woman barely even says hello and goodbye.  She's got two weeks left (thank god she gave us at least a little notice), but I think she's actively trying to get fired. 

Example: whenever we're home with her at the same time, we'll make espresso and offer her a cup.  She has always accepted gratefully.  But the day she told us, we made her espresso, and she replied "do NOT do this again!" all angry. 

Given the fact that she could kill all of us with her mind, I'm not gonna make any more coffee for her, but I can't wait to get her out of the house. 

Anyone know of any good babysitters?  Preferably those that do not know how to handle an Uzi? 


  1. Bad news! I hear it is uber-hard to find a babysitter that will not kill your child. Any chance for daycare, or is he still too young? I know a couple of bright young married people who will definitely babysit at night if you need help in a pinch, but keep in mind that one of these people didn't know until two years ago that babies weren't born with teeth.

  2. Wow. I have to wonder why she is angry.

    And, maybe I'm not awake enough since I have only had one cup of tea so far, but how old is Sammy again? Yogurts and soups seem a bit much for him yet, no?

    I really wish you luck. I know how it is with babysitting. I quit working because my old job still wanted me to work Monday-Saturday and had such crazy hours that nobody could watch just my one daughter for less than a grand total of $550/week! Gasp! Yup, everyone wanted $100 just for 5 stinking hours on Saturday. Grrr...

    Anyway, I really wish you a lot of luck with this. Finding a babysitter is very hard. I hope you find another awesome one.

  3. I'd be willing to quit my job and take care of Sammy and Alex. I won't charge you that much as I won't be making any soups...but you will have to bring him to my house in the mornings.

  4. Maybe there is not enough miles to walk between you house and hers. She is leaving you for someone across town.
    Sorry for your loss; I think...

  5. I wonder what made her so mad.

    I hope you find a new babysitter soon that is not crazy or insanely expensive.

  6. People can be so WEIRD. Sorry for the situation. We had to switch daycare when Boo Boo was about 11 months old because of a situation at our was the ultimate stress.

  7. I'm sorry for the short notice and the sudden change in personality! I wish you tons of luck in finding a reasonable, normal and sensible replacement.

  8. Man, that sucks. I wish I could offer to babysit, but I'm halfway across the world, so that's just unhelpful.

    So I hope you find someone soon!


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