Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gulag Vlog #2

For this Vlog, my lovely wife stopped by to discuss with you the thing that I hate the most.

I hope you like!

Looking back, I noticed my accent is sort of Russian/Austrian/Pirate.  Like if Arnold, Stalin, and Jack Sparrow were to get down and dirty.  Whoa...bad image.



  1. Why are you wearing a t-shirt on your head?

    I hate mosquitoes. And why would anyone want to put them in a sour cream container?

  2. Oh my gosh! Then I don't feel too lonely on the crazy turn my vlog took this week :)


  3. That accent was terrible. But I forgive you that because the vlog is HILARIOUS. Just hilarious.

    Your wife? If she really does what you say she does?

    Can I marry her? LOL

  4. Dude. Just, dude.

    I mean that in every way possible.

  5. You guys need your own show on HBO. You and your...wife.

  6. I second Vicki. Throw in your in laws( played by you as well) and you will a have a prime time slot!

  7. Dude. I totally am going to have to do that to my husband now. I have like a billion sour cream container thingeys. And there's nothing better than a husband scratching his red itchy pupa.

  8. Wait. What? Is trapping mosquitoes in a sour cream container a thing? Because my husband doesn't do it thank goodness. And by the way, you saying popa is something I might play back over and over again for quite some time.


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