Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Month #5 in Pictures, or Sammy Wants a Job.

Sammy turned 5 months old this week.  And true to form, he's already contemplating his future career choices.  His mother is so proud of him for considering his future at such a young age. 

Here he is as a supermodel.

I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really...ridiculously good looking.
And I'm not sure anyone in the family is happy about his secret desire to be a......towel.....head...?!?!?

I'm gonna cry and poop my pants until I get my 72 virgins, infidel!
And there was, of course, that time he insisted he wanted to be Teddy Roosevelt's Safari Jungle companion.

Wait, was he the one with Polio?  Have I gotten my shots?
And finally, he wanted to be a food critic or some kind of professional taste tester, but...

Wait, get that thing away fro..m..MMPH! 

That dream didn't last long.

ACK!  Why did you do that to me?!? AND you're taking pictures?!?

I bet you Vasya over there with the cheap diapers hasn't even thought about what college he wanted to go to, let alone which career path would best suit him.  His parents must not love him enough.


  1. Oh yeah? What would you say if I told you our nonexistent child already has a prestigious Ivy League college lined up? And only 30 minutes from home, too!

    He is very cute. The second one is the best.

  2. Awwww, Sammy!!!!! Too cute!

    I think he can be an incredibly good look professor or something. Heh.

  3. I think he should be the safari jungle companion. That sounds like a good job for a kid that can hang out in a stroller.

  4. He cannot be a supermodel. Unless he has a degree in astrophysics too.think of your MIL,please!

  5. Wait, was he the one with polio?

    Ha. He's got the mindset of a supermodel already.

    Visiting because Stasha made me.

  6. Came over via a recommendation from The Good Life. Sammy is gorgeous and your story sounds fascinating so I'll definitely follow - love finding something a bit different and this certainly sounds like one of those places!

  7. Have you tried baby food? I'm not sure you'd want to be a professional taste tester either. Except the bananas are divine....dude, seriously they are

  8. I tried squash and apple, and maaan is it nasty! I am not even talking about rice cereal. We did not get to bananas yet. Carrots are next, and I can only imagine the face expression we are going to get

  9. Also, wait till he tastes mangos. MAAANNNGGOOOSSS...If you ask my child, they are the nectar of the Gods. We bought like 15 of them at Sams club and now he's getting his fair share of mangos. Sammy is just too cute. Towelhead is my favorite.

  10. So great to have such a smiling boy at a young age. It took my boy about twice as long to learn that good things happen when he smiles at the camera.

    When CJ was 3 weeks old, we took him to my sister-in-law's wedding . . . little boy, dressed in a onesie tux. He looked like he was going to direct a symphony. It's among my favorite pictures.


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