Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Maintenance Day

Today was a blog maintenance day. 

I updated my pages, and I think I'm blogged-out for the day. 

Check out my updated pages (blogroll and My favorite effing posts)!

I'm still trying to get up the gut-strength to switch over to my own domain, which is purchased, but sitting unused because I still can't figure that fo-shizzle out.  So, right now, www.smellslikeborscht.com is in limbo/purgatory/whatever the ending of Lost was.

That is all.

But, so that you don't feel like your trip here was a total waste, I have a picture for you. 

What're YOU lookin'at?


  1. LMK if you need help with the domain (i.e. setting up wordpress, transitioning content.) I am a Wordpress whiz.

  2. Awwwww, hello baby boy!!

    I mean your son, of course.

    What? I'm not on your blog roll??

    Kidding, totally kidding :)

  3. When in doubt, always post a pic of a kid.

    Handling the domain transfer isn't too difficult...though I don't know the blogspot instructions off the top PF my head.

  4. Dude, never a waste when I get to see that sweet little picture :)

  5. I just happened upon here and discovered this cute baby boy! How precious!


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