Monday, June 27, 2011

Guest Posting at The Good Life!

Today, I have the distinct honor of posting over at The Good Life.  Stasha (aka @NorthWestMommy)  apparently lives in a place as close to paradise as possible.  As long as you like rain. 

But her photography speaks for itself, and she's in the process of her very own 365 project that pretty much sums up peaceful Northwest USA, what with the horses, and the beautiful blond child and...wait, what is that?  A walking shag carpet?  Oh, no, that's just Big M, her trusty Newfoundland steed.  The dog plays as much of an integral role in her life as her son - which is as it should be.

I wrote about the darker side of Russian Cuisine.  And while there are many culinary bright spots, like the BBQ, the desserts, and the perogies, they DO eat food that I'm not really even sure Big M would be into.  So head on over, and check out the list!  Just make sure you aren't in the middle of eating breakfast. 

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  1. Ok, so I can hardly read your blog because my old lady eyes make it difficult to read white on black print, but I find your blog entertaining so that made me sad until TODAY when I came to find that, guess what, I can get your posts emailed to me.



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