Monday, June 20, 2011

Things said this weekend

"Hey mom and dad, great to see you!  Long trip?"

"Of course, it's totally cool that you take a nap - it's been a tiresome journey for you guys."

"Good afternoon!  ...Late afternoon really.  Feeling rested?"

"No, really.  He's not hungry.  He just ate maybe 15 minutes before you guys woke up.

"Uh...hold on...please don't take off his clothes - we're perfectly capable of deciding whether or not he enjoys his over-alls".

"Wait, no - he doesn't need to suck on steak.  We just started feeding him solids as a supplement.  No need for steak."

"Hey, thanks for pushing baptism, but that's the thing about being grandparents, you're not parents.  You don't get to make decisions about your grandchild.  You only get to enjoy him."

"Much obliged for the advice on bedtime, but his bedtime is exactly the bedtime that we feel is proper for him.  Remember the whole thing about grandparents/parents?  Also, you've seen him for a grand total of ten hours since his birth.  I'm betting we know a little more about when an appropriate bedtime for him is."

"Wait, YOU'RE going to bed?  Already?  Ok, see you tomorrow morning then, right?"

"Huh?  What time did you leave? 6:30am? Without even saying goodbye?  Ok, well...Happy Father's Day, I guess."


  1. oh boy! Fun times! My mother in law (who I love, for real) recently announced to us, in reference to our parenting "you're doing EVERYTHING wrong"..well, swell.

  2. Um, wow. I get it about the babysitting now.

  3. Hope they made breakfast for you all before they left!

  4. Sounds like my parents might be less frustrating to deal with!

  5. Ah, family. It's always something.

  6. I think that could be the least stressful family visit ever. Gone by 6:30am? NICE.

  7. Wait! I think you were writing about my in-laws!


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