Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guest Posting at It's Blogworthy!!

Today, I have the unique pleasure of being dubbed, "Blogworthy". 

The very sweet and always funny Amanda Blogworthy asked me to guest post over at her place today, and I have a beautiful tale of my inter-cultural wedding waiting for those of you awesome enough to make the jump.

Amanda is also the brilliant creator of the Celebrity Weekly Round-up, which is an always hysterical review of the week's happenings in the world of the glitter-azi.  No, I don't mean homosexual German fascists, I mean...well, I was never really clear on what glitter-azi meant.  But it has to do with celebrities.  And glitter.

She does a much better job than I do, which is why her blog is Blogworthy!


  1. See what happens after you vlog? Now you are made. Congrats.

  2. It was a good post. And when you renew your vows, I expect an invitation as promised. Plus plane tickets. Seeing as I'm halfway around the world.

  3. @stasha - well, i'll save that distinction for when I get published with a monday listicle!

    @Alison - would you settle for an 11 hour long vlog?

  4. Thanks for writing this for me! It's been fun having you over in my neck o' the blogworld :) I'm glad you enjoy the round-up...trying to collect some good ones for this week, if only my stupid real job wouldn't get in the way.


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