Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear women of the blogosphere:

I just thought you should know.

As an addendum to a previous post, apparently, those of you who enjoy gardening, should not enjoy this relaxing past time while visited by your "monthly subscription" to "Midol magazine."

This will cause all your plants to die.

Just an FYI straight to you from the Motherland.

Also, did you read the Midol Ad?  Did we seriously think this was ok to say back in the day?


  1. that's the most sexist ad ever. Boggles my mind just like how I can't believe the FDA hasn't shut down the production of Fun Dip, seeing as it's basically just sugar and chemicals. Delicious sugar and chemicals.

  2. Is that bill Paxton in that ad? If it is, I'm totally gonna kick his ass

  3. No wonder my mom was so pissy, I'm really glad we're allow to be so free now... you know, with our emotions and all. You choose the spots of sarcasm.


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