Friday, April 1, 2011

Singing to Sammy

Sammy is beginning to learn that he LOVES listening to music.  He loves it when either my wife or I sing to him.  It's almost like an instantaneous calming effect that somehow brings him out of whatever funky mood he's in and gets him back to being a smiling little Schmoogle.

But there's a problem - I tend to blank out on song choices.  It's like three or four song Karaoke.  Luckily, Sammy doesn't mind.  He's totally into them, and why not?  They're awesome songs.'s a strange choice.

I know there should be some education somewhere in the songs for little kids, mixed with classical music.  So, these are the only four songs I can readily sing at a moment's notice.

1.  Bunny of Seville

Great song and great music. Plus, I have a little Wayne's World crush on Bugs Bunny when he's singing the "I'm your little senorita" part of the song.

2.  The nations of the World by Yakko Warner

Ok, I know it's a little out of date map-wise (there's still Czechoslovakia), but how can you not love a song that rhymes San Juan with Guam?  Canada with Panama? 

3.  Three is the Magic Number (blind melon version)

This video takes a couple seconds to get going, but who doesn't love schoolhouse rock?  and Blind Melon singing a Schoolhouse Rock song?  priceless. 

4.  Inchworm Song

I only ever knew about this song because Robert from "Everybody Loves Raymond" (or as my wife calls it, "I Love Raymond, screw everyone else!") sang it to the kids in the show in one very obscure episode.  But i'm a huge fan. Something about the minor key in a children's song, which is uncommon enough, mixed with the lackadaisical counting and alliteration of "measuring the marigolds".  Possibly one of my favorite children's songs ever.

And that's it.  That's my whole repertoire for age-appropriate songs.  I think while I may have been emotionally ready to have a child, i was nowhere near prepared in a mental sense, what with my lack of books, and now this lack of good music.

My wife, as she has always been, is great with remembering all those great songs from her childhood. There's goluboi vagon, Antoshka, the russian "happy birthday", Tra-ta-ta and about 300 others she can readily start singing.

Similar to asking about appropriate books, is there a kid's CD that is preferred over other ones?  I'm not exactly looking for "twinkle twinkle" or "the itsy bitsy spider", I think they're too...demeaning.  But I'm also not looking for Vivaldi's Four Seasons either.  Suggestions?

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  1. I sang to my son faithfully from infancy right up till last year (he's now 8) and I got sooooo tired of the typical lullabye stuff that I started pulling out the 70s soft rock repetoire. Came up with a rotation of Elton, Steely Dan, Little River Band, Simon and Garfunkel and Cat Stevens--I was basically the human embodiment of waiting room music.


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