Thursday, April 14, 2011

Political compass

I recently took the Political Compass Test which gave me the result shown below:

This didn't really come as much of a surprise to me, as I had already known that I was fairly left leaning.  But what did surprise me was two things.  First: I cognitively recognize that I am authoritarian - I believe the state should have a lot of power for good reasons.  Regulation is not necessarily a bad thing.  So the fact that this showed I leaned Libertarian did surprise me based upon my answers to the questions.

The second thing that surprised me was the chart showing famous people and their placement on the compass:

Apparently, I'm closely aligned with the political viewpoints of Nelson Mandela or The Dalai Lama.Which is pretty cool considering I'm a big fan of South African accents.  And I enjoy goats and mountains.  These are pretty much the only prerequisites to being Nelson Mandela or the Dalai Lama, right?


  1. I'm totally doing this. I need to know where I stand.

  2. O.k., completely at the edge of liberal.

  3. Who the fuck is Angela Merkle?

    I'm straight out Libertarian, which honestly surprised me. But when I thought about it, I think I know better than everyone and so I wish they'd just leave me alone and let me make my own decisions. So then it kind of does make sense.

  4. I'm with KLZ...only I know who Merkle is. :)
    I'm Libertarian, which actually freaked my shit out. I didn't realize I was an anarchist. LOL

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