Friday, April 15, 2011

Guest posting over at Taming Insanity

Happy Friday everyone!  And as a special gift to you and your family, I bestow upon you my first guest post ever over at the lovely and wonderful Taming Insanity.  KLZ and her awesome husband have been good friends for a while, and KLZ is really the one that inspired me to start a blog in the first place.  So she's really the one to blame/thank.  And her husband is probably the one who got me interested in what it is that I do for a career now-a-days.

So I owe a lot to these kids.

So go check out KLZ - she's hysterical, sarcastic, and sweet all at the same time.


  1. Hi! Found you through Taming Insanity. What can I say? You reeled me in. :D

  2. I think David is really the one to blame....for everything.

  3. Found you over at Taming Insanity. Great blog! I'm following you now - can't wait to read more.

  4. Just read your guest post over at Taming Insanity and I'm flashing back to sitting out back with my FIL, listening to his tales of his childhood in I wish he was still with us, so that I could ask more! Off to take a stroll through your new blog. Congrats and welcome to the blogosphere! :>

  5. Comrade Borscht,
    I found my way here via Taming Insanity, which I found via Kelley's Breakroom (so I'd give Kelley the credit...) Looks good, I signed on to follow. Looking forward to reading your stuff. I'm sure you'll build a nice following, good luck.

  6. Loved your post over @ KLZ's. Any friend of hers is a friend of mine. I'll be back. Not in a creepy Schwarzenegger way. I'll back.


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