Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back in Business

Have you ever felt like a crazy, rabid monkey just would not quit humping your arm?  Besides the obvious pleasure from the experience, you'd probably feel a little annoyed that one of your appendages was unusable.  Also, there'd be a lot of loud screeching.

This is how I feel about purchasing my own domain.  I'm excited because it's a new step, and my URL won't have as many characters as War and Peace.  But at the same time, it's annoying.  It's annoying because my knowledge of internet speak is limited to URL, WoW, and porn. (note - I actually do not play World of Warcraft, nor have I ever watched pornography.  This is for humorous demonstrative purposes only...obviously)

And since I don't know anything about anything, it is a brutal march.  Just last night, I realized I could point this site back to blogspot, and not have it hovering in the purgatory between domains.  So I'm back here, hoping to figure it out so I can make the switch over this weekend.

Ok, but enough about that. I had this post imagined a while ago, and I understand it's a couple days late. (thanks, stupid interwebs).  For your viewing pleasure, six of the greatest Passover/Judaism related links ever assembled.  Notice, they are not sausage links, which would be delicious.  just the regular internet kind.

1. Dude makes Washington Square Arch out of matzo, wins $1,000 - goes on to dye hair normal color

2. Who doesn't like Orthodox Jewish Cats? My wife informs me that in Russian, Shpilkes are high-heels. That makes this comic take on a delightfully surreal meaning.

3. Journey out of Egypt through a tunnel of Matzo.  Oh, Canada, is there anything you can do that the entire world WON'T find adorable?

4.  For those last minute Seder gifts, don't forget to purchase The 10 plagues finger puppet set.  Educational, cute, and convenient that there is a plague for every finger!

5.  No list would be a list worth making if we couldn't insert some geeky math puzzle or theorem.  Just another beautiful thing about Pascal's Triangle.  As as side note, Pascal was a pretty badass dude.  First piece of evidence: the guy's name was Blaise.  Or spelled like anyone normal would spell it, Blaze.  If I were naming a big huge dragon, Blaze would be my first pick.

6.  Speaking of math, Rabbi + flamethrower - chametz = Hells yeah

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  1. Good news: your email feed has not suffered through this. The interwebs are weird.

    I have personally seen those plague puppet fingers made by more than one company. Wild animal puppets, ok. Boil finger puppet? Weird.


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