Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Easter/Passover plans

My wife and I had just put Sammy down to bed last night, and we began discussing how we were going to celebrate both Passover and Easter in our house, cause, well, just in case.  We like to be ready for anything. Like May 21st, and of course, May 22nd.

Coming from two different religious backgrounds, we're trying to figure out what is going to be the most culturally rewarding, yet spiritually enriching way to introduce religion to Sammy's life.  But of course, as with any discussion about religion, we began talking about the rituals:

Me: So, what - no Easter Egg Hunts? 

Her: No, we already hide the matzo, that'll be our tradition.  And we'll make sure that Sammy knows why we're hiding it, unlike Christians, who don't know why they're hiding the Easter eggs.

Me: WHAT? We know.  It's like the Christian version of the Africa-man (you can see I try to be as cultured as possible). Deeply steeped in tradition and spiritual value.  You know, eggs = rebirth, right? And bunnies....?...lots of sex.


Me: which fits into the story SOMEhow.

Her: Exactly.  So this is why we'll be eating horseradish, dipping bitter herbs in salt water, and having hard boiled eggs.

Me: This sounds like a delicious feast.  Way better than chocolate.  Look - I don't care much for the Christian traditions, but I do care about the Easter egg hunt. 

This is where she made the compromise that we would be doing an Egg hunt, but it would be called a "Passover Egg Hunt", and it would happen on a day OTHER than Easter, so as not to confuse Sammy.

Psh, whatever.  I'm just excited about hiding the eggs. 


  1. Easter Eggs for the win!!!!

    We have gone totally overboard on the Easter basket for our little one, and he wont' even know what's going on.

  2. Sounds like a compromise!

    For what it's worth, my Dad is also not Jewish and I never got an Easter Egg hunt, which is probably why I'm the bitter individual I am today.

  3. We don't "Hunt" at our house and we are Lutheran...only at my MIL's house is there an actual "hunt". ;)

  4. My Husband and I have no traditions. But the Cul-de-suc across the road does. Teaching my son early on to follow thy neighbour is our heritage.
    So I braved Dollar store, bought plastic eggs and will turn my kid loose on Saturday. Parents promised BBQ and booze in return for me contributing some vegetables. That's the beauty of America..

  5. We do Smingus Dyngus and the Easter Basket blessing in my house from my side and the Easter Eggs hidden by the Bunny in the morning around a campsite or other wooded area from my husband's side.

    Ahh, compromise. Commercialism, capitalism, disposable plastics from his extremely hippy side (did I mention he's a Deadhead?). Spiritualism, traditionalism, and Horseradish from my Polish side. Just don't tell my husband, lol. He thinks he won.


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